About Us

For theAbout Us people who are seeking more than just a standard business strategy, our financial planning strategy, here at Persoon Financial Management, is just the right answer. They are going to find our support is extremely useful in terms of their wealth maintenance, degree of economic risks, and many other key decisions they may be considering. We do not have a one size fits all strategy, unlike so many other financial preparation firms out there. Utilizing private insurances, you the client have self determination when it comes to wealth maintenance, and the degree of economic risk.

We focus on all your needs, and your entire situation: this may include estate planning, tax planning, personal insurances, goals, investments, and debts.

Quality guidance utilizing investigation and reasoning is what our financial planning is all about.

Especially in issues of tension, people’s decision making can truly be a very emotional procedure. This can often lead to poor choices being made, and some loss of wealth as well.

Our wealth development method allows you to select from alternative methods because it reduces decision making psychological variables, thus greatly increasing your chances of added wealth.

After this financial planner carefully considers and evaluates your particular circumstances, we work with you to decide how much, and where your funds should be placed in order to give you the best, and safest, opportunity to reach the financial goals you desire.

We put to work all our in house knowledge and technical abilities so we can explore all possibilities with you, and then allow you to make your choices.

There is no cost or obligation for the initial meeting, so contact us today to find out just how we can help you realize your dreams!